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into the keep

Into the Keep is a rogue-like, dice and card based attack resolution game. It can be attempted with 1-6 players (as many as three controlling the mighty heroes, and another three controlling their horrifying enemies). As one of three unique champions, step bravely into the shadows of the tainted, menacing keep. Explore its vast, twisted depths. Battle through merciless creatures, terrifying horrors, and daunting traps. Collect powerful, enchanted runes and helpful, magic items. Free the keep from its ancient, buried evil. Only the most steadfast, courageous, and lucky will triumph, and escape the keep with their lives!

80+ Custom Cards | 6 Dice | Instruction booklet | Free Android Companion App


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Game Play

Instructions and rules pdf version 1.0 last updated 12/4/2015

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into the keep into the keep into the keep into the keep into the keep



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